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Bang Europa is a manufacturing facility of Bang Overseas Ltd [BOL] established in the year 1992 at Macedonia. Our manufacturing and warehousing activities are designed to cater the European customers efficiently with quick response time and cost effectiveness. We produce 20,000 apparel per month with lead-time of 6 weeks. We can delivery ready stock fabrics within 3 weeks in Europe of 5-6 weeks from India by sea or 2-3 weeks by Air.

We are the market leaders in top grade yarn dyed fabric shirt facing material in the world. We have an annual sales of 15 million meters with stock points at India , China and Macedonia( Europe).

Product varieties are mainly purified cotton in 120’ , 100’ , 80’, 70’, 60’ , 50’ & 40’ single and double ply yarns. Our products are widely distributed in USA, Europe , South Africa , Middle East , Asian Countries offering best fabric finishes in liquid Ammonia , Silk finish, Soft finish, easy care, cold calendar , brushed and carbonium peach.